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Galina Timonina (vocal)

Natalya Perevoztchikova (vocal)

Alla Kitas(piano and vocal)

The trio is well known for its interpretations of old and contemporary Russian romances and Russian jazz.

Trio Romance has been awarded many prizes at international competitions and festivals: "Spring of Romance" (Saint-Petersburg, 2000), "With Love to Russia" (Volgograd, 2004), "Lahti jazz" (Finland, 2004). They won a special Revival of Russian Salon Music prize at the international Tampere TUNE festival (Finland, 2005) and an award entitled "White Night of Romantic Music" (Saint Petersburg, 2006).

Several TV and radio programs and films have featured the Trio and their work: "Russians in Estonia" (Finnish TV), "Declaration of Love" (Saint-Petersburg), "Persona", "Russians in Estonia", "Subboteya" (Estonian TV). They have also appeared on "Good Morning, My Love!" which airs on TDK, and have repeatedly been on the program "Romance of the Romance" on the Russian Television's Culture channel.

The trio has issued three CDs of romances and one of dance music hits from the 1930s to the 1950s, the latter in cooperation with an Estonian jazz orchestra, Modern Fox.

The vocal skills, hard work and artistic qualities have allowed them to gain popularity not only in Estonia but also abroad, in Latvia, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Russia.

The qualities that differentiate them from other bands are their soft touch when it comes to performing, the melodies and incredible harmony of their voices, sincerity, charm and elegance - all that combined with brave new sounds, good understanding of limits and high class professionalism.


Андрюша И.Жак, Г.Гридов 3.19
Белой акации гроздья душистые В.Баснер, М.Матусовский 3.50
Гори, гори, моя звезда П.Булахов, В.Чуевский 3.00
Дни за днями катятся С.Покрасс, П.Герман 3.29
Если любишь, найди К.Листов, Л.Ошанин 2.50
Калитка В.Буюкли, А.Будищева 3.25
Как много девушек хороших И.Дунаевский, В.Лебедев-Кумач 2.22
Караван Б.Прозоровский, Б.Тимофеев 3.59
Отговорила роща золотая С.Есенин 4.29
Песенка о капитане И.Дунаевский, В.Лебедев-Кумач 2.46
Радость душечка А.Гурилев, П.Вяземский 1.55
Романс о романсе А.Петров, Б.Ахмадулина 3.41
Только раз Е.Розенфельд, Г.Намлегин 2.45
Уходит вечер А.Варламов, Н.Коваль 2.28
Черные глаза О.Строк 2.52
Я Вас любил А.Пушкин 2.18
Ямщик не гони лошадей Н.Риттер, Я.Фельдман 4.05